Garage Workshop Organization Plans

What I’ve been asking myself a lot in preparation for this overhaul is ‘what is in the ultimate workshop?’

That sounds a bit aspirational, no? But if you really think about it, most of the time, the things that make things great, are not big fancy, expensive things. It’s the small things that meet a specific need and make your life easier.

epoxy floor

Having this space completely cleared out gave me the space to move around and really feel how this space could work best.

We’re not looking to setup a big carpentry shop that is super specialized. DIY has such a wide variety of tasks that we’re looking to be able do everything and be as versatile as possible.

What I have started doing is making a list of all the storage that I specifically need. Next I will be laying out the tools and supplies I have to categorize them in a way that makes sense and makes my life easier. For example, I want painter’s tape to be very accessible and I want everything organized enough that I will easily be able to put everything back where it came from.

Whenever I have an idea or need help with ideas, I head over to Pinterest to get some visual inspiration. I put together some of my favorite inspiration pics for this garage makeover. If you want to also check out my pins, you can follow me here.

Here are some things I have listed that I want to incorporate in the workshop.

Organization I need in my workshop:

  1. Paint and stain can storage
  2. Accessible painter’s tape
  3. Caulk and construction adhesive tube home
  4. Wood storage cart
  5. Drill bit organization
  6. Power tool storage
  7. Bar to hang clamps
  8. Sand paper organization
  9. Storage for leftover project supplies
  10. Plenty of outlets!

I’m heading to The Container Store to find some good storage items and the rest of the stuff I will be getting from Amazon!

Check out what I already have bought for the workshop!


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