Planning an IKEA Workbench Hack

For the past couple years, our storage solutions on the garage have been open shelving. It’s good for some things but open shelving isn’t great for organization unless it’s all large things. All the small little things like wood filler, stain rags, etc get all piled up. It really isn’t the best storage solution. That is why I sold the open shelves we had and I am going to be building stationary workbenches. While it will be a work surface, it’ll be more for cutting wood on the miter saw. I am going to make sure the miter saw is inset so the benches next to it are level for cutting wood.

rough graphic of workbench

You know I love a good Ikea hack so I found some drawers at Ikea that don’t come with the top or bottom (even better!) So, the plan is to combine those to create storage. As well as a great work surface for cutting wood and other smaller things.

Don’t worry, this isn’t the only work area we’re planning! There will also be an awesome mobile workstation coming soon!

I created this mock-up of what I was thinking for the workbench. Well, after assembling one of the 3-drawer cabinets, I ran into a problem. The height of the assembled 3-drawers is about 27 inches. Steve’s toolbox/workbench we have now is 37″ tall so I want it to be around that height. I was planing on raising the drawers up with 2x4s on the bottom and some trim (very similar to the window seat hack I built in our office. But 9-10″ of a base seems excessive and like a waste of space. IKEA also has the 2-drawer sets and two of those stacked on top of one another is about 35″, plus about 1.5″ for the butcher block and we’re exactly where we need to be!

rough sketch of workbench

Side note: it was date night last night so naturally we made a stop at Target and while we were there browsing, we picked up an Apple Pencil so I could do more sketches on the iPad.

This space is going to start transforming very quickly once we start building these workbenches. The hot water heater is now dressed up and if you missed the making of that door, check out the story highlights on instagram to get caught up!

Next week, we’ll really start working on these workbenches!

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Find the finished workbench HERE!

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