Eight weeks. One Room. Completely complete.

Sneak peak of the home office

This One Room Challenge was special for me because for the past [almost] 2 years, Steve has been working from home like so many others. He hasn’t had a terrible setup but in the home office, it was kind of a catch-all. We stuck an old desk that we’ve had forever in there and tried organizing a little with old plastic drawers but that’s about it. Any random thing that had no home landed in there and seeing that it’s one of the first things you see when entering our home, it wasn’t my favorite space and it was definitely underutilized.

During this transformation, I touched almost every inch of the room, floor to crown molding. Honestly, that wasn’t my intention but it’s what ended up happening. Some things turned out even better than I could have imagined and others just didn’t work and forced me to pivot. But really, what project goes according to plan 100% of the time? Not mine. I often find that the best things come out of changed plans. If you missed any part of this transformation, check out all the projects that went into this room, linked at the bottom! Also linked at the bottom is my Amazon Shop with a lot of the things I used in this room.


before of home office
before of the home office
before of the home office

Watch our ORC journey with this video and then check out this photo dump because they’re all just so good. You ready for this photo dump? Ok, I won’t keep you waiting any longer.


final result of the home office
final result of home office
final reveal of the home office
final reveal of the home office
final reveal of the home office

I truly hope you enjoyed going through this journey with me.

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Week 1 – THE NEXT BIG THING: OFFICE REMODEL to work[out]-from-home

Week 2 – A FUNCTIONAL Office Closet

Week 3 – Pegboard Gym Storage

Week 4 – Window Seat IKEA Besta Hack

Week 5 – DIY Plywood Floating Waterfall Desk

Week 6 – Wall Mural or MORE Beadboard?

Week 7 – DIY Window Seat Cushion

BONUS! See those floating wood shelves in the nook? That was a project that we did quite a while before we began this ORC but you can see the video detailing that build HERE:

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See you soon!

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