DIY Window Seat Cushion

Orc- diy window seat cushion

The final project for this One Room Challenge is creating a cushion for the window seat I built a few weeks ago. This feels like the whole thing culminating into this vision I once had at the beginning of this journey.

Check out the window seat here!

I am using some scrap MDF that’s 1/2″ thick and I ordered this foam from Amazon that’s 2″ thick. Then I bought batting as well from Hobby Lobby and will be attaching it all together with a staple gun.

The items and tools I used to make this window seat cushion happen

I found the most beautiful fabric at Hobby Lobby and I wish I knew was it is but alas I do not. Even though it was about 2 feet too short, I bought it anyways to figure it out. Fabric is double the width you see because it’s folded over so I cut it into squares and sewed them together to be the length I needed.

The beautiful fabric for the window seat

I stapled the batting all around before starting the fabric.

With the fabric, I began stapling in the middle and world my way to the edges. When I got to the corner I made one fold and stapled. Then another fold to get the corner tight.

That’s all folks, seriously. It was so easy and took about an hour to complete from start to finish.

Getting this window seat cushion done, my last project for this room, really gave me all the feels and changed the whole feel of the space. It feels complete now.

Don’t forget to come back next week to see the full room reveal completely complete!

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