Guide to Planning Your Landscaping with Yardzen this Spring

It’s still fridged outside but as much as I don’t want to step a foot outside right now, I have lots to plan. Once the weather starts to get warm and everything starts to bloom, you’ll be so happy that your yard is exactly as you want it. Every year I kick myself as I wait to do outdoor projects until summer. In Texas. In the blazing heat. It happens every year but not this one! I have partnered with Yardzen to get an amazing plan together for our entire yard. We even planned some amazing upgrades I’ve been dreaming about for our exterior. In this comprehensive guide, we want to help you plan a yard makeover that will bring your spring dreams to life with Yardzen. Get ready for all the color, texture, and flourishing greenery that will make your yard the envy of the neighborhood.

  1. Virtual Consultation Magic with Yardzen:
    • Start your landscaping planning with a virtual consultation through Yardzen. Their expert designers will chat with you, understanding your vision, style, and preferences. It’s like having a landscape architect right in your living room! Ours was so easy. I took videos and pictures all around our home for the designers to see the space they’re designing.
  2. Understanding Your Space:
    • Yardzen makes it a breeze to understand your outdoor space. From sunlight patterns to soil conditions, they’ll analyze every aspect, ensuring your plants thrive in their new home.
  3. Seasonal Plant Selection:
    • One of my favorite aspects of Yardzen’s experts will guide you in selecting the perfect combination of seasonal plants, taking into account local climate conditions for a garden that blooms magnificently.
  4. Hardscaping Harmony:
    • Whether it’s a cozy patio, winding pathways, or a stunning focal point, Yardzen‘s design team will incorporate hardscaping elements to create a harmonious balance between nature and structure. We already have added many things in our outdoors like our DIY pergola and now we are focusing on the actual yard and green part!
  5. Water-Wise Landscaping:
    • Yardzen embraces sustainable practices, guiding you in creating a water-wise landscape. From efficient irrigation systems to drought-tolerant plants, they’ll ensure your garden remains lush while conserving water.
  6. Gardening Zones Unveiled:
    • Understanding your gardening zones is crucial, and Yardzen’s professionals will help you navigate this information. It ensures your plant selections align perfectly with the specific needs of your region.
  7. Design Preview with 3D Renderings:
    • Picture this: a sneak peek into your future yard through stunning 3D renderings. Lots of people like Steve, can’t see a design in their head. Yardzen provides a visual tour of your landscape design, allowing you to make adjustments and ensure every element aligns with your vision.
  8. Installation Assistance:
    • Yardzen doesn’t stop at design; they’re here to guide you through the installation process. With a curated list of recommended contractors and step-by-step instructions, turning your dream into reality is a breeze.
  9. Seasonal Maintenance Tips:
    • Once your landscape is in full bloom, Yardzen continues to be your green thumb companion. Receive seasonal maintenance tips to keep your yard thriving throughout the year.
  10. Showcasing Your Dream Yard:
    • Share your stunning transformation with the Yardzen community. They love featuring success stories, turning your yard into an inspiration for others looking to revitalize their outdoor spaces.
yardzen online yard design consult

Planning your yard landscaping with Yardzen is not just a service; it’s a journey toward creating an outdoor haven that reflects your style makes your house more of a home. I’ll be the first to admit that landscaping design is not my forte. I love plants but when it comes to spacing and pairing, I’m pretty lost. Yardzen has made it so easy by giving me all the information I need to create the yard they designed for me. This ultimate guide is your roadmap to a vibrant spring and beyond. With Yardzen’s expertise, your dream yard is closer than you think. Let them do the figurative heavy lifting while you lift the heavy things, or hire someone to do that too!

See ya next time!

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