How to make a Moss Bowl for $40

With all of this extra time at home nowadays, I’m getting so many things done that I’ve wanted to do for so long. It’s good for me to keep busy and flex my creative muscles so I don’t go cray! I’ve seen a couple people with moss bowls on their kitchen tables this spring and love the natural green look of moss. I found a gorgeous concrete planter bowl at AtHome that was just perfect for my vision of this project.
Moss bowl
SUPPLIES I am including pictures with this one so you can easily see the difference between all the different kinds of moss I used. Flat Moss—Natural
moss for moss bowl
Reindeer Moss – Spring Green
Sphagnum Moss
Spanish Moss
Succulents & Moss Stones Decorative Filler 7.8″ Green Dry Foam Bricks, 6ct. -Concrete Bowl -Hot glue gun -Glue sticks -Knife ( I used a filet knife)

STEP 1: Create the base

I took 3 cubes of the floral foam (enough to cover the inside of the bowl) and cut down the edges so that they fit into and covered the opening of the bowl. Then I used a filet knife but any sharp knife will work just fine. I set the blocks on top of my bowl opening and followed the curve of the bowl as I cut the floral foam until it fit into the opening nicely.

STEP 2: Shape the Base

I was anticipating the foam to rise above the opening of the bowl so that I could carve the foam into a slight mound shape. Since it was close to flush, I shaved off the edges of the foam to create softer edges on the interior of the bowl. This will allow me to tuck the moss into the bowl instead of it all just sitting on top of the opening and having a harder time covering the foam completely. If you have any gaps on the interior of the bowl, fill them with foam scraps that you cut off already so that everything is secure and doesn’t have a lot of extra space to move around in.

STEP 3: Dry fit the Moss

I started by placing the largest piece of moss on one side. The asymmetrical look to the bowl will give some interest to our design. Then I took a moss ball and cut it in half to give some dimension to the mound we’re making. It’s just foam so was easy to cut through. Now, just start filling in the gaps with the rest of your moss. The Reindeer moss is my favorite so that’s what I’m using a lot of. I also added another whole moss ball to prop up the large piece. It will help create that mound we’re going for. Nestle the succulent and stems into your mound (or whatever other accessories) and that’s it! There are lots of other options for what you can add to your moss mound. Full disclosure, I meant to add some river rocks had on hand but I totally forgot. I love how it turned out regardless. I then decided not to add them later, even though you can easily add things in at anytime.

STEP 4 : Glue it all together

Now let’s get everything glued down. You’ll want to use a hot glue gun but be careful, it gets really hot! Just go around the bowl, glue piece by piece to the floral foam and make any necessary adjustments. You don’t need a lot of glue, we just want to make sure everything stays where it’s supposed to.
moss bowl complete
I honestly love so many things about this: the color, the texture, the height and the simplicity to name a few. The best thing to remember is that there’s really no right or wrong way to do this, just have fun creating something YOU love. This is a spring-time craft that I felt the urge to create but it will probably stay on my table for the majority of the year. Thank you for being here and following along with our DIY journey. Make sure to check out my video of the creation of this bowl above and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel! Stay safe and stay sane friends! Let me know what you’d like to see next. Follow me at @olivegreyavenue on insta. Find us on social HERE!

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