Living Room Renovation & Decor

Living room

When building this house I had this vision for our living room which included a tall beautiful fireplace. One that was tiled from floor to ceiling and unfortunately the builder didn’t offer that as an option so I just went with the most basic options for the fireplace with the intention of refinishing it. I looked for the perfect tile for months and months while the house was being built. What I was looking for was a neutral tile with a very natural look with a fairly uniform horizontal pattern. I finally found this tile at The Tile Shop and it’s just perfect and exactly what I was envisioning.

FYI: I’ve linked absolutely everything in this room below so make sure to make it to the end!


Living Room Remodel Plan

Before the remodel, the tile was only right around the fireplace. It didn’t even cover the wall on the sides. So, I wanted to stretch it all the way to the ceiling.

The plan was to DIY the tile but with everything going on with the move and wanting to get that demo’ed and installed before moving in completely, we decided to hire a contractor to do the demo and installation. We got a referral through The Home Depot Pro Referral service to a local guy who was able to redo the tile on the fireplace and he also redid the backsplash in the kitchen (I’ll share that project with you at a later date). He did such a great job, it’s just so beautiful. The tile now doesn’t just surround the fireplace but it covers that whole wall from top to bottom and side to side. The tile going all the way to the ceiling really makes the room look so much taller and bigger with just that one change.



I painted the entire room all the way to the stairs. If the paint patterns are too choppy or don’t make sense, it can make the room look a lot smaller than it is.

Adding Tile

The Lenovo Travertine Tile I selected is a uniquely consistent pattern for a natural stone and it has a pallet of warm greys and beiges with a silvery base and marbling throughout. I don’t remember the name of the grout I selected but it was a shade of taupe and blends beautifully with the tile. Before the new tile was installed, I painted the room a warm grey color by Sherwin Williams, called “Mindful Gray,” which is a really nice contrast against the beiges in the tile. I left the mantle where it is and didn’t do anything to it although I had wanted to change it out for a stained wood mantle. I actually like the white now so I’m leaving it for now but maybe one day I’ll re-do it.

Living room
Living room


Now to decorate this huge empty space!

I am all about a neutral color pallet. Greys, whites, beiges, YES! Some might say I’m afraid of color but the root behind my love of neutrals is for several reasons: 1. I love a classic look and neutrals are classic, 2. I love decor that is understated, beautiful but not in an in-your-face way, 3. The impact in design is in the details, so I put colors in the details which also allows me to change out the smaller things for seasonal decor or a different color pallet all together.

Living room

This ideology of the big pieces being neutrals led to buying ivory curtains, ivory couches, taupe swivel chairs and grey ottomans with some pieces of natural wood as well. Deciding on curtains is always one of the biggest decisions for me when decorating a room. I try to find a balance between boring and in your face. I like transitional pieces of decor, and especially curtains, that not only transition between seasons but also different color pallets. Then I chose the Ivory curtains I did with a bronze-y vertical stitching because they filter the light, which gives privacy but also lets light through without having to open them and because of the neutral colors with minimal detailing.

Living room

Details of the living room

The living room is so large that it was extremely difficult finding a coffee table or ottoman. That is why I ended up buying two large square ottomans to put together and create a huge rectangle ottoman that wasn’t swallowed by the size of the room. I really love the ottomans I chose and they’re actually a lot more functional than the ordinary coffee table. Since they are ottomans, they are great for extra seating as well as a firm place to put a tray for drinks or other things. The two swivel chairs are great for not blocking off the living room too much, but their swivel capability allows someone to sit there and be a part of the action in the living or turn around to the kitchen as well.

Living room
Living room
Living room


On either side of the couches I have side tables that I bought actually as a pair of nesting tables. So one of the tables is actually a little smaller than the other but it gives the room some matching elements. Also, they’re not too “matchy-matchy” for my taste.

Living room

The rug was also an element that I did A LOT of searching for. It’s honestly one of my least favorite elements of the room. Don’t get me wrong, it’s beautiful. But when I do a revamp, I want something that will stand out a little more against the tile. It also has be a little more withstanding against a toddler.

Living room

Media Console

The media console is just gorgeous! It has the most beautiful wood doors with the grains creating an almost herringbone look. I love it even though I have to keep some baby locks on it for the time being. Otherwise it would be completely useless for storage with little hands that can get in and out of there.

Living room

The details in this room, I just love. They are yellows and greens that look so vibrant and natural against the neutrals in the rest of the room.

Living room
Living room





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Small candle holders and Yellow Ranunculas: Hobby Lobby

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my living room and how it all came together! Leave a comment about any other questions you have about this room! And go follow me on instagram @olivegreyavenue.

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