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Mosaic tiles

Big news alert! I have started a kitchen renovation project with a new client. There are quite a few mosaics that I have come across while searching for the right one for their kitchen. I am loving the hexagon shaped mosaics and found all of these great options that are similar to that and some awesome and modern patterns too. Plus, neutral palettes are my jam and they want a white(ish) backsplash so it’s basically a match made in heaven. I started finding so many fabulous options that I wanted to share my favorites with you. On top of that, mosaics can get super expensive very quick so not only am I going to show you my fave lux mosaic but I’m also showing you a super cute and affordable dup!

1. HEXAGON MODERN Mosaic tile


$19.50 vs $13.89


2. LINEAR MODERN Mosaic tile


$38.98 vs $7.19


3. HEXAGON CLASSIC Mosaic tile


I just love both of these colors and couldn’t choose so here’s both!

$25.95 vs $3.58

LUX (1) | LUX (2) | DUP

4. TRENDY DIAMOND Mosaic tile

 (this is so my fav right now!)


$27.67 vs $3.49




$99.98 vs $18.98


I’ll share more of the things I love during this kitchen renovation process. Of course I’ll share the final product too so stick around through this fantastic journey!

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